Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic survey is an effective method of detecting potential issues with electrical switchgear and equipment, it also serves to minimise any catastrophic electrical accidents. Ultimately, an electrical thermographic survey is all about bringing peace of mind to those responsible for the health and safety of your organisation.

Benefits of Thermographic Testing of Electrical Equipment:

  • ¬†Prevent electrical failures before they happen.
  • It’s cheaper to make any repairs before they reach the point of no return.
  • You’ll use less energy.
  • No unexpected downtime (Normal business hours maintained).
  • Your electrical system will last longer.
  • Your electrical service won’t face any interruption during the inspection.
  • Reduced Risk Factors.
  • Safer Work Environment.
WLE Electrical Services can carry out Thermographic surveys and provide full detailed report of same.
It is often beneficial and more cost effective to have Thermographic survey carried out at the time of Electrical Installation condition report.