Full House Rewires

Whether you own or rent the property that you live in, it’s important that your electrical installation is safe, for your own piece of mind. You may be having regular problems with your electrics and wondering how those problems can be resolved. Don’t worry, you are not alone. 

Electrical installations wear down over time, whether it’s the cables or the screws within accessories. The older the electrical installation, the higher the chance of loose wires, inadequate bonding and old slow reacting consumer units, which exponentially increases the chances of electrical fire or electrical shock injuries and death within the property.

If you find that your fuse board keeps tripping and fuses are blowing regularly, your electrical installation is probably outdated. Those issues will be resolved by upgrading your electrical system to comply with the eighteenth edition regulations.


  • Fuse board keeps tripping
  • Regular fuses blowing
  • Fuse box has a wooden back board
  • Cast iron or ceramic switches

If any of the above apply to your current electrical installation we would advise that you contact a professional electrician.